Nikita Denmark


"Red flames follow Nikita Denmark

As she comes through the dark.

No moon to keep her armor bright,

No man needs to keep her safe at night."

We are proud to reveal Sonja Marunić's 2012 collection inspired by the iconic Nikita Denmark - a female knight with a heart of fire.

Nikita Denmark is a mystery: both beautiful and strong. Men love her, and she loves them back - but she doesn't need protection. She can handle anything, and more. Her own style is her best armor. Her only weakness is her strength: a passion for clothing.

Welcome to the Nikita Denmark collection for women with a heart of fire, a warrior's soul. Tough, successful, independent and beautiful. Clothes for women who are comfortable with who they are. This collection for contemporary women knights explores the world of confidence in all its forms: raw leather, metal, linen and hemp in combination with sensual and delicate materials such as silk and silk satin.

But, these are just words, words, mere words. It is time to truly experience the beauty and strength of Nikita Denmark. Meet the ND legion - 8 confident and beautiful women who are always ready for a battle!

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