Duality Code

In the contemporary period and in the foreseeable future alike, world represents a machinery in movement with accelerating tendencies.

It is the world of dualities and connections of seemingly disjointed things and concepts.

It is here that this view of a women from the future comes from-she is a collision of the opposites, on one hand interpreted as a geisha, and on the other hand viewed as a futuristic warrior, all of this under name Nikita Denmark.

Nikita Denmark, as the protagonist of Sonja Marunic`s brand from the very inception of her work, is a virtual character which over time overpowers even the author who created her.

She is a seductress and a soldier, fragile and strong, a connection between the East and the West. She manipulates with traditional values and combines them with ideas and needs of the future. The essence of her being is comprised from dance and struggle alike. She has a desire to step out and differentiate herself and forms a new means of communication with like-minded women, characterized by unconventional masks and uniforms. This leads to traditional and basic materials getting converted, through brave and unusual cuts as well as fabric treatment, into surprising and unique silhouettes, but restricted to the point of connection with the old-fashioned values.

The most critical element of this bipolar reflection of the protagonist is the MOVEMENT, as a main initiator of any time period in which we find ourselves.

As time inevitably passes by, new squadrons proceed with formation, accepting anyone who feels to possess the neccessary determination and energy. Therefore, new Nikitas, WELCOME!

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