Primal Call 2018

“Sonja Marunic's collection Z O V // Primal Call //” 2018.

  • Events: 43. Belgrade Fashion Week
  • Date: 28.10 - 03.11.2017.

Primal is defined as original, primary, essential. Primal refers to our human nature, to our primal earliest instincts and the naked basic essence which comes from the inside of each one of us as an individual. ”Sonja Marunic's collection Z O V // Primal Call //” 2018 CALLS upon us inviting us to wake up and return to the primal inside us where all our fears, strength, energy, agression and sexual instincts are hidden... where our true nature lies.

A s was the case with her previous work, Sonja Marunic designed this collection following clearly defined forms and constructive patterns. Apart from leather, which has become the inevitable component of her collections, the author used different quality fabrics which make her designs even more specific and truly exciting.

An innovative element present throughout the collection is a bright-coloured leather streak which makes the entire collection an ineseparable whole. The finishing touch is achieved with expressively hand-painted items as a recognisable artistic expression of the author.

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